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R&D strength

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1. Dashing has a R&D Department, equipped with professional wire and cable engineer, wiring harness engineers, electrical engineers, structural design engineers, mold production engineers and other personnel to provide technical support, can satisfy the design for the wire and cable, trailer wiring harness, auto parts and auto lamps etc, hand-made sample production and small batch production requirements.

2. Dashing has a fairly complete laboratory, equipped with a complete set of wire and cable testing equipment, and also equipped with high and low temperature testing machine, salt spraying testing machine, UV aging testing machine, vibration test bench, water immersion test device and other advanced test equipments. Laboratory test personnel had been trained by national professional institutions.

3. According to the effective technical development system established by ISO9001, the R&D team can use APQP, FEMA, GR&R, PPAP and other design and development system tools to improve the quality of product design and development.

4. Dashing has a complete system of technological innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In recent years, Dashing has been continuously building innovative talent team and enhancing technology research and development capacity, and increasing investment in research and development year by year, which can effectively transform scientific and technological achievements into commercial products that can be launched into the market.